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Captain America Message Board / Captain America Message Board / Captain America Movie / Captain America (Pyun film) 1987 may get a face lift! Special edition?
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Posted:  04 Mar 2010 16:04   Last Edited By: PHILIP WATERS
Back in 1987 I worked on Captain America the motion picture. As Diector of Photography. (Read my post Captain america  pyun film why it didnt work.) I spoke this past week with Albert Pyun, It seem that Marvel is considering doing a Reconstruction for a Special edition DVD to release just before The first Avenger. Set to Include the first Avenger movie trailer.  I Hope they do This (It's like having that unfinished business taken care of.) Thanks PW.
Posted:  04 Mar 2010 16:23   Last Edited By: PHILIP WATERS
This Is My Post (Pyun film why it didnt work.)
Captain America. Started production on this flim in Oct of 1987. With a good cast and a $40 million buget. After filming about 1/2 of the begining and a small part of the ending only 3 1/2 weeks into production, investors pulled all the money out from under us. the film shut down. In April of 1990 Marvel fronted $3 million to finish the project.  Matt Salinger was called back in,  a handfull of shots was filmed. Less then 1/2 of the movie was filmed as it was written. (And some fight scenes are still missing.) Menahem's boys glue it together. You would have never seen His rubber ears in the final cut. PW

Part 2.   In the frist round tables, In about Sept. of 1986 the studio wanted Schwarzenegger or Lundgren For Cap. Marvel wanted to use an unknown american actor. Salinger's name came up over & over .  We all wanted to make a Superman 2 type film.  Nobody wants to make a bad movie ( I LOVE Captain america, but is kinda bad.) And this movie was not low budget! (Not at first). Ronny Cox was a Star then, Robo cop, Total recall, Beverly hill cop 1&2 ect. Ned Beatty Superman 1&2 ect. Darren McGavin (We see him each year at Christmas.) Christmas story ect.,Melinda Dillion  Christmas Story, Close Encounter of the Third kind ect. They were high price actors. + Michael Nouir , Scott Paulin, Wayde Peston ect. And not to mention the cost of taken all the cast and crew to Yugoslavia, Hotel, Food ect. The top makeup people. All the 40s set up's & so on.  Then the investors pulled the Money out from under us. I get mad sometimes when people say that low butget movie.  Oh well That's life.     Thanks PW
Posted:  04 Mar 2010 17:03
NOOO, please don't release or reconstruct the 1990 Cap movie to be released along with the First Avenger Cap movie!!!  Wait a year, or even after the video release of the First Avenger.  It's like Eddie Murphy up for a supporting Oscar for his great performance in Dream girls, then had Norbit on during the Oscar countdown, just ruined what should have been a good streak or trend moment.
I found some good stuff in that 1990 movie, but when the FA Cap movie comes out, keep the buzz going and keep in positive.  Then after some time, lay out the Dvd of the 90s movie, ... usually after awhile the art becomes humorous, like Star Trek, after the movies, somewhere during Voyager and DS9 run, Star Trek began to look funny and silly, and Shatner went along with it with Free Enterprise and some funny stuff he did as guest star in TV shows.  That's the time to introduce the Dvd of this 90s Cap movie.
Posted:  05 Mar 2010 00:56
I agree. Any release at the same time as the new movie just confuses people and I doubt Marvel and Disney will let that happen. A cheap official release is fine afterwards or months before. I don't think there is any need to spend more money and energy repackaging and re-editing a twenty year old movie when those funds could be spent towards something new. With all due respect, Philip, since no one sets out to do a bad film, no one is calling for a "Director's Cut" of this.
Posted:  05 Mar 2010 03:35
I would think the time to have that come out would be this summer, and only if they had additional scenes that had been cut that would dramatically raise the value of the overall picture. They could also put in commentary and interviews with the actors and stuff. It would be an interesting thing.

But I agree that if they release a poorly done film (whether due to poor writing, directing or pulled money) right before the new movie comes out, it could kill some buzz.
Posted:  13 Mar 2010 20:57
I'd rather see a blu-ray release of the entire series of Cap cartoons from the 1960s.

"When Captain America throws his mighty shield ..."
I want a giant penny and a lifesize T-Rex statue in my high tech basement.

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