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Posted:  14 Nov 2009 19:48

While searching for my autographed Cap poster and drawing, a few things popped up (Other than nudie pictures) that's interesting and funny.
Posted:  14 Nov 2009 21:56
My how costumes of superheroes have improved over time.
When I was a kid I loved watching the Spider-Man TV show, it was also my favortie part of watching the Electric Company.
If I were to watch the 70's Spidey show now, I wonder if I would even care for it like I did before.
If I remember right, he didn't talk when he was Spidey, right?
Awesome pics from the 70's though, and yeah I had to laugh about your nudie pictures comment, LOL!
Posted:  14 Nov 2009 22:06
Had to put these in the gallery
Posted:  14 Nov 2009 22:08
Yeah I just was going to suggest to put it in the gallery, gotta love the classic stuff!
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 00:10
I remember Batman... I LOVED that show.
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 01:56
Yeah Batman was fun. Used to watch Adam West in the afternoons on reruns.
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 10:46
The costumes were quite good for Batman, The Flash and Captain America at that time, though Superman costumes were also quite good. The floppy, wrinkled costumes such as that of Robin and Spider-Man, were not so good. The one thing I liked about the superhero shows in the 1970s and 1980s (maybe if you call Automan a superhero) was that a lot of action happened during the day, in bright sunlight, unlike most of today's movies, which show a lot more action in dark sets or at night- yes, the trend started by Tim Burton's first Batman movie.
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 10:57
I loved Automan.

The homage to the PC was most amusing.
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 15:16
Even with the exotic Asian backdrop, Spidey still looks out a place. Well, a foresight of that Japanese Spiderman show to come in the 90s.

That's Nicholas Hammond with Spidey sense tingling, long way from his most famous role singing Doh Ray Me in Sound of music.

Came out in the 80s, but it's fun to see a photo cover.  There's also additional pictures of these two inside the book.
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 17:07
Awesome! Thanks for posting. More good stuff for me to add to the Cap Gallery
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 21:25   Last Edited By: atomic99
Love those 70s Hammond Spider-man pics. That series STILL is not officially on DVD although bootlegs do exist.

Here is what I got from the 70s Spider-man...
Posted:  17 Nov 2009 21:27
Here a shot of the DC heroes show...

And the 1987 video box of the 1978 Dr. Strange movie...
Posted:  18 Nov 2009 01:40
Thanks for posting! This is like a gold mine of superhero pictures.
Posted:  18 Nov 2009 04:13
More coming. Besides Cap, I collect superheroes in other medias like film, TV, and radio and have a binder full of images.
Posted:  18 Nov 2009 08:30
The costumes on the Japanese Spider-Man show looked a lot better- and seem to fit better.
More images here. This show was like Spider-Man meets Giant Robo. Ideally, we'd like typical Spidey storylines and acting done in this style.
Posted:  18 Nov 2009 17:28
Posted:  18 Nov 2009 17:31
Anyone watch the Japanese version? I have yet to pick that one up.
Posted:  18 Nov 2009 21:35
I got a video tape of the Japanese Spiderman, the transfer wasn't good, doesn't play well in my Sony Vhs machine.  I want a Dvd version.

Basically, evil, humanoid aliens, wearing spandex and have a beak, invade Earth (Episodes have them doing some evil scheme on local people), Spidey fights them, they summon a giant monster, Spidey jumps in his car, then it flies into a giant spaceship, it turns into a giant robot Spiderman and performs the finishing cool act to defeat alien giant monster.

There was something called Battle force J, with a character that looked like Captain America and he was teamed up with similar looking people, like Miss America.
There was an article in Marvel age that mentioned some Marvel superheroes got made into live action cartoons in Japan.  It got me searching Japanese video shops and later on the net for any more information on these shows.
  It would be great to see if there was another Cap tv show made, even if it was in Japan (I see the irony).
Posted:  19 Nov 2009 09:25
You guys have heard of 3 DEV ADAM, right? The 1973 Turkish film that has Captain America teaming up with the wrestler Santo to battle the serial woman killer known as.....Spider-man!! Yes, they took some liberties with this one. I think copyright law was pretty much non-exisitant in Turkey then so they took more than that!
Posted:  19 Nov 2009 09:59
There was something called Battle force J, with a character that looked like Captain America and he was teamed up with similar looking people, like Miss America.

Hey Vincent, are you talking about Battle Fever J?
It is an earlier "power rangers" type show from Japan in 1979. There was a Miss America in that group.
I watched the reruns all the time as a kid growing up in Hawaii. They would show that after school with english subtitles.
Posted:  19 Nov 2009 15:47
The Japanese Spider-man episodes are available for free at Marve's site I try to keep up with stuff like that since I don't have a satellite anymore I watch free internet shows on my TV. Got a whole list of free TV here. I've only watched part of one Japanese Spider-man show. I had to go somewhere before I could finish it. Wish they'd put the American Spider-man from the 70's up, but they do have a lot of other stuff like the 90's Fox cartoon.
Posted:  19 Nov 2009 18:31
Cap made some guess appearances in that 90s Spider-man cartoon along with the 80s one. I still need to watch his appearance in the 90s X-Men with Wolverine called "Old Soldiers"
Posted:  19 Nov 2009 19:40
Battle fever J, thanks.  Anyone taped episodes of it?  Available anywhere?
If not, some more description?  Early Power Ranger, is there a giant Captain America robot?
Posted:  19 Nov 2009 22:20

Just found this.  Captain Japan than Captain America.
Posted:  20 Nov 2009 02:05
Yeah Vincent I got some of the episodes recorded on VHS. Bad quality, but still watchable.
I'm a huge fan of the show, I also have the CD soundtrack.
The shows main characters are....Battle Japan, Battle Cossack, Battle Kenya, Battle France, and Miss America.
In the end of the show they usually jump into a giant robot to kill the bad guy robot monter.

Also no it's not a giant Captain America robot.
Pics below of the robot toy....
Posted:  20 Nov 2009 02:12
Hey I just found a web site that explained a it better then I could........


Battle Fever J was originally planned to star Captain America teamed with a group of newly created Captain characters from other nations, like Captain France and Captain Japan. However, in 1978, Captain America’s live action film rights were tied up with Universal Television, which was making a pair of Reb Brown-starring TV movies. This put Captain America off limits for the Japanese super hero team’s roster, so the golden-age Marvel heroine Miss America was drafted as his replacement.
By the time it was broadcast, Battle Fever J’s heroes were Battle Japan, Battle Kenya, Battle Cossack, Battle France, and Miss America. Every week for 52 thrilling episodes, the team battled the evil machinations of Satan Egos and his Egos Cult as they sought to destroy Japan with an army of giant monsters. In addition to costumes which amplified their natural martial arts skills, the Battle Fever J team had their mystic penta-force weapon and a giant robot: Battle Fever Robo.
Posted:  20 Nov 2009 16:37
OK you guys need to stop posting these pics because I'm feeling really old.   Great pics, great memories, but wow.   Where are all the Shazam pics? 
Posted:  20 Nov 2009 22:30

And not to be forgotten, Oh Mighty Isis....
Posted:  20 Nov 2009 22:32
The Incredible Hulk...

And, of course, how can we forget Wonder Woman.....
Posted:  20 Nov 2009 23:12
Man I love those shows! I remember watching Shazam and Isis on Saturday mornings. Those were the days when Saturdays still had kid shows and cartoons.

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