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Captain America Message Board / Captain America Message Board / Captain America Comics / What happened to Captain America White?
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Posted:  25 Jul 2009 18:19
That mini series that was a retro-look at the 60s Lee/Kirby run on Cap's WW2 adventures, by Loeb and Sale, ...wasn't it suppose to have come out in April, did I miss it?  Have anyone on this board heard about it or know what happened.

This Reborn put the Cap book on hiatus.
As for toys, that 3.75 Marvel superhero line is coming out with a Bucky Cap version, comes with a Giant man or a Giant Skrull, but it's a Wal-Mart exclusive, so it's going to give me trouble finding one (Took me months to get a Crossbone figure).
Posted:  25 Jul 2009 19:10
Last I heard they canceled Captain America White. I'm not sure why.
Posted:  29 Jul 2009 19:40
Posted:  29 Jul 2009 20:09
Hey, I'm dissappointed too.  Those Tales of Suspense were fun books to read or look at (I think I was too young to read then), and this team did Spider man Red and blue, Daredevil yellow and the Hulk grey, (Were they responsible for Superman Man of all seasons? I borrowed those books from a friend, good read).
  Hopefully Marvel will get around to releasing Cap white soon (They held on to that Gene Colan Cap book for about 2 years).
Posted:  01 Aug 2009 14:15
I'm probably in the low minority on being glad that Cap White was cancelled. When #0 came out I was appalled by the artwork! I drew better than this when I was 12 years old. To compare this art to Kirby is like comparing a volkswagon to a Corvette.
Now if the could take Loeb's story and have it redrawn by Cassidy or Epting I'd say 'Bring it On"!
Posted:  01 Aug 2009 16:17
Yep, it fizzled for good reason(s).  Cap fans are a picky lot.  A good example is when looking at the critiques of Watchmen in the "Other Superheroes" area.  Yikes!  I thought the movie was great and I even bought a copy.  The disecting of that movie by the Cap alumni made me feel like Patrick Starfish on a bender.  Good riddance Cap White.  Speaking of feeling like Patrick Starfish, I just realized JBB....JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES!

Captain Rogers
Posted:  01 Aug 2009 18:32
White 0 was bad???  I'm the guy who bought books on the Giant Cap robot in NewFoundland, CapWolf, tapes and laserdisk of the 90s Cap movie and put up with that Cap reborn with the 'pregnant' Cap look to promote that run.  I'm also into Man from Atlantis and willing to admit to being a fan of the Howard the Duck movie.
  Decent read, artwork doesn't irritate me, good storytelling, some relevance to the Cap universe, good enough for me.
Posted:  02 Aug 2009 14:58
captain rogers,
Yep as my wife just said BUSTED! I think your the first to figure out my alias. When I first came on this site everyone was cap, cap etc. I even took a photo of myself and modeled the setting after the panel in the issue of Captain America where Buck is viewing the Cap shield behind glass in the Smithsonian.
Back to the subject of Cap white It really irritated me Because Loeb and Sale did so much hype of this title last year even teasing about how they were going to fill in some history on Bucky that's never been done.along with Marvel & then a no show. As you said Cap fans are a picky lot! Remeber Iron Man Viva Las Vegas? 2 issues and then gone! No real explanation from Marvel and I thought it was a pretty good (NOT great) storyline.
Posted:  04 Aug 2009 04:19
So, who has the patience to help/teach me how to add a picture to my name. I tried a while back but did not follow through. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Posted:  04 Aug 2009 15:56
First make sure you are logged in. Then click at the top where it says "My Preferences".

Scroll down where it says "Your avatar". Click on the browse button and upload the image you want.

Image needs to be less than 120 by 120 pixels and 29.3kb. Don't want avatars that are huge it would take a lot of download time.

Hope that helps.
Posted:  07 Aug 2009 17:02

Thanks for the help.

To add to the forum; Reborn 1 was very good, to me setting up for the 2-5 run. Cap 601 was great; a basic old type Cap story by two great creators. Vampires, Bucky etc, it almost rings of a Caps 40s tales with mad scientists, gools, and yes vampires
I do wish they kept the regular series running though!
Posted:  09 Aug 2009 21:57
I've never been a big fan of Tim Sale's art but I did enjoy the coloring. But what really bugged me about #0 was the lack of research. In the issue, Cap has his round shield and mask attached to the rest of his costume look when Bucky finds him. Granted, today's comics take their liberties with continuity but it doesn't take too much effort to research that Cap doesn't get those changes until after Bucky discovers his secret. Sloppy.
Posted:  21 Aug 2009 22:25
Honestly, after what Loeb did in the Ultimates 3 series and with Ultimatum, I am perfectly happy that he didn't get his hands on Cap for anything.
Posted:  22 Aug 2009 12:28
I know we'll probably never know the actual answer to the cancellation of Cap White. Maybe Brubaker didn't want anyone retconing Cap or Bucky while he's writing the book. He did'nt sound too happy about Cap's spirit appearing in Thor where the writer stated that story took place on the 1 year anniversary of Cap's death. Bru is a stickler for continuity and in my opinion king of a flowing storylines.
Posted:  22 Aug 2009 18:45
I thought Brubaker laughed it off, like New Avengers stating Bucky/Cap's house was in the Bronx (It's in Brooklyn).  I bet Peter David was livid with the rewrites of his Hulk character after he left the series (His heroic and stable Hulk was just one of Banner's many personality traits).  I heard John Bryne left the Superman books over that Superboy tv series back in the mid 80s.
  Ultimate 3?  It wasn't that bad, killing the Scarlet Witch, Cap taking over the Panther job while TChalla goes home, ...took it as veering the theme, story and universe away from the Marvel universe, then rewriting already established storylines.  Now it's somewhat different,  don't like the New Red Skull, ...Cap, I am your son!! --trying to sound like James Earl Jones.
  Cap White was rewriting the 60s LeeKirby run on Cap, attract new readers, give the young readers a fresh new look at those old stories.  Present more on Cap's WW2 adventures.  Then again, this Reborn has Cap reliving those events.  Contradicting or Competing with what would've appeared in White?  Maybe after the Reborn.
Posted:  23 Aug 2009 17:41
Realize this thread was about "White," but I just can't help myself jumping in on that Ultimates 3 subject. Some of the variant covers were very cool. Turner's interpretation of Thor, I thought, was great. POWER!! But the writer's interpretation of Cap awefullll and, for me disturbing. I felt Cap was portrayed as some impertinent teenager, instead of an instinctive leader. IMHO - Cap was written totally off character. And the "adult" actions of the characters came across like Chaykin's Black Kiss. Not good.
Posted:  02 Apr 2012 05:09
From 2012's Emerald City Con up in Seattle, C.B. Cebulski was asked about missing in action projects. From the Bleeding Cool website reporting....

"Cebulski ran through a quick list of “Missing in Action” projects, and gave updates on a few.......

Captain America: White–actively being worked on...........

Astonishing Captain America–actively being worked on" ...

Really? White is STILL being worked on? This was an April Fool's Day joke or just the company line for saving face, right? This is why you don't have a Zero issue with variants and throw a party before the guy even draws the book!! Lame!

And I guess I got confused with Astonishing. I assumed it was what morphed into Hail Hydra.
Posted:  02 Apr 2012 19:26
I sort of lost interest in this rewrite or reminising old Cap stories. Hulk grey, Spidey red and blue, Daredevil black and yellow, ...and the DC equivalents, Batman long halloween and Superman 4 seasons, ...are loooong gone and collecting dust in some collectors' comic bin, so they're not helping the hype to sell this series.

Glad to hear that Wolverine and the Xmen season 2 is a no go, was just rehashing what Xmen Evolution did, which was rehashing the 90s Fox Xmen series.
Posted:  02 Apr 2012 20:57
From another Bleeding Col article.....

"Adi Granov had pages from Astonishing Captain America at his table, and they were beautiful. The series is still being worked on." ...

Now THIS might be worth waiting for. I do love Granov's cover work. He did the covers to HAIL HYDRA which is where my confusion on this probably came from.
Posted:  25 Apr 2012 21:48   Last Edited By: fabiomarques
JBB: "I drew better than this when I was 12 years old."

Sure you can draw like these. Could you please show your Eisner award?
Tim Sale has at least five. How about you?
Posted:  26 Apr 2012 00:05
I thought CA White was cool. I was wondering what the deal was.
Posted:  28 Apr 2012 05:49
I think these retrospect mini-series just lost interest in the general comic book buying community.  Anyone picked up that Fantastic Four mini series where they dealt with what happened after the 4 crashed back to Earth with super powers?

Like I said, that Cap White should've came out after the run of Spidey Red and blue, Daredevil yellow, and Hulk grey. I don't see any interest in it now.

Anyone also interested in Jim Steranko working on a Captain America project??? That Neal Adams return to Batman isn't making waves and seems to be falling out of memory or favor of the month status.
Posted:  15 Jun 2012 20:12

half way down Loeb responds to question of the long overdue project.
Posted:  15 Jun 2012 22:48
The next question asked specifically about a new collaboration between Loeb and Tim Sale. "Believe it or not, Timmy and I are still working on 'Captain America: White,'" said Loeb. "We've just got ten more pages. It's taken so long that everyone at Marvel is waiting until we have it all in house. … Hopefully someday, there's going to be a 'Captain America 2' and it'll be out for that."

Here's the paragraph. Anyone still interested?

Who knows, maybe the Emma Stone/Gwen Stacy in the new Spidey movie will generate some interest in that 60s70s era.  Cruise's Rock of Ages is bringing back the 80s music.

When Dynamite started jazzing up those Golden era superheroes like GE's Devil formerly called Daredevil, Marvel launched Avengers versus Invaders and that Marvel project max.

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