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Posted:  31 Oct 2006 19:13
Here's some clips from the old 1970's TV movies starring Reb Brown.

Captain America Motorcycle Scene

Got to love that music makes me want to go running or something.

Captain America II Motorcycle Scene

Captain America II Opening

Posted:  31 Oct 2006 23:23
I never seen those before either. It was actually not that bad. I remember when I was like 10 or 11 and watching Cage with Reb Brown and Lou Ferrigno and thinking then that Reb Brown would make a good CAP. Of course I knew nothing of these movies then although they had been made more than 10 years before I saw Cage on HBO. 

Reb Brown was pretty big, bigger than most actors today. He looked like he actually had good size, not just ripped and lean like action actors today.

When that last clip while he is driving in his van, his profile looks a lot like mine.
Posted:  01 Nov 2006 15:58
I loved these movies when I was a kid that when the Hulk, and Spider-Man were on too. You know CBS canceled Spider-man not for ratings but because they didn't want to be named the superhero network. They already had Wonder Woman and the Hulk on.

I guess they had no problem being known as the dumb leftist sitcom channel for a decade or now as the CSI channel. They've got what 5 CSI shows or something crazy like that. CBS were the brilliant ones who first decided any show with a tree had to be taken off the air which included some of my favorite types of shows like Green Acres.

Anyways that's probably why Captain America never got the greenlight for a regular show.
Posted:  04 May 2007 22:51
Posted:  04 May 2007 23:48
I thought that the Reb Brown shows were pretty dire to be honest.

They already had Wonder Woman
Oh how I wish
Posted:  05 May 2007 05:44
Remember those goofy sound effects they used in the seventies when the heroes would use their powers?

And those far-out guitar licks?
Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.
Posted:  05 May 2007 14:41
I loved those sound effects though, especially the Six Million Dollar Man effect. I still occassionally make that sound.

That's the best spelling of that effect I could come up with.
Posted:  05 May 2007 16:42
I know those effects are like cool

Expect the shield they did it a litle Wrong

But at the very same i liked it.

I also am going to get the Captain America movie from 1991 for my birthday

(My birthday is May 31)
Posted:  14 Nov 2008 08:39
Thanks for posting the videos, they bring back my childhood.

Posted:  14 Nov 2008 22:09

Posted:  08 Jul 2009 07:54   Last Edited By: VictoryInDefiance
These were great to watch. I vaguely remember seeing these when I was very young. I think the helmet was goofy though. Other than that he looked pretty good in the costume and was a big enough guy to make it work. Some of the stuff was kinda lame like the throwing of the bike but I liked when he made that standing leap over the prison wall. That was pretty close to the comics. There was an issue of Cap (v1 #361) where he and Diamondback fall into a trap (during the Bloodstone Hunt). He throws her up to safety then makes a standing 15-foot leap (grabbing her out-stretched arm and pulling it out of the socket *ouch!!*).
Posted:  08 Jul 2009 19:26
Who311 never saw the 2 Captain America pilots?  These were better than that 90s 21st Century movie.

MCA home video might still have copies, search the internet, they're out of print yet not so expensive.
I keep finding a copy in one of those over-stocked video store before changing to Dvd.

I could take my video copies and have them turned into Dvd and distribute copies, but there's that copyright, illegal copying thing and I don't want to ruin my tapes in the transfer.
Posted:  08 Jul 2009 23:16
I own both of these movies on dvd.  Not great copies, but cool to have.  A comic store near me was selling them.  Looks like someone burned them off a VCR copy.  The acting is atrocious in the movies.  They got his costume correct in part 2, but that's about it. 
I watched all those shows when I was a kid.  Loved them all, especially Spidey, Hulk and Cap.  Bad acting in all of them, except Bixby, but at that time I could care less. 
Wade is correct:  Reb Brown had the right build for it, just a bad script.  I remember him on a Three's Company episode too.  Geez, do I feel old...
Posted:  10 Jul 2009 03:38
Yor, hunter from the future, a movie featuring Reb Brown that actually made it out to the theatre. He was a space warrior that got stuck in prehistoric time and rallied a group of cavemen to overthrow an evil space empire (Swinging cavemen was all I remember from that movie). A year ago I saw Brown in a late night movie, some space warrior fighting in a warehouse and goofy-looking go-karts were whizzing around.  He was a ghost in Hercules the Legendary Journey, last I read, he's living in Australia.
  That 79, 80, Cap pilots were fun.  Cap stopping a terrorist with a bomb in a truck and Cap searching for a terrorist with an aging chemical who was hiding in a prison.  I just liked Cap riding that cool bike, fighting an army of men, searching for badguys, unraveling an evil scheme and that was what tv adventure shows were about.  The helmet, transparent shield and backstory were changed (Son of the original Cap, super-steroid), but I felt they were tweaked than radically changed to give us an ungoing action show, given the budget back then.
Viewing them again now, I just wish they made 13 episodes of this show at least, Spiderman got 13 shows, Man from Atlantis got 13.  Network made 15 years of Dallas and all that was just Larry Hagman snarling and smirking from some greedy scheme over and over again.
Posted:  11 Jul 2009 01:06
That's true. Stupid CBS didn't want to be known as the superhero channel so shows like Spider-man got canned even with good ratings. I can't recall ever seeing Cap's TV movie ratings. At least if I have I forgot. I bet they were decent though.
Posted:  11 Jul 2009 23:41
70s SciFi by Dusty Abell

This is awesome, notice Cap, Wonder Woman, Six Million Dollar Man, Man from Atlantis, and lots more.
Posted:  12 Jul 2009 18:22
Buck Rogers 25 century was an 80s tv show, came out after Galactica 80 (Larson reusing all the fx stuff he had for BS).
Almost forgotten the Cathy Lee Crosby (That's Incredible) Wonder Woman pilot.  An espionage theme show with stealth plane (Mentioned but not shown) and exploding bracelets, plus Richardo Montalblaum was the bad guy in it.  There's Richard Benjamin in that Zark series.
  No Fantasy Island? Dr. Strange? There was a tv show of a man traveling through America looking for clones of himself.  Since you have Battle for the Planets, how about that NBC's Saturday morning Flash Gordon series?  There were also those live action Saturday sci fi's, spun from the Land of the Lost (Sorry, all those shows were hodge podge of clips and goofy scenes in my head, so not very sure on the names and date of them).
  Just reflection of a childhood spent trying to watch all these genre stuff.
Posted:  12 Jul 2009 18:24
Oops, forgot Star Blazers (Space Cruiser Yamato).  Asto Boy and those Hanna Barbera's supes were a 60 thing.
Posted:  13 Jul 2009 19:30
Yeah the picture is probably missing a bunch of Saturday morning sci-fi like Bigfoot and Wildboy, Land of the Lost, Wonder Bug, and a lot of other stuff I can't remember.
Posted:  14 Jul 2009 17:30
I remember the Reb Brown Cap shows but not fondly.  I was a bit - ahem - obsesessed with Cap in those days and I was appalled that they messed up the shield (clear instead of white, plastic instead of adamantium blend) and the uniform (goofy helmet).
Posted:  15 Jul 2009 17:55   Last Edited By: Pole805
Your not alone BigDuke...
I thought if there were going to make a Cap show, I thought there were going to make it RIGHT.

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