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Posted:  23 Mar 2011 17:49
Hey gang,
I'm currently trying a captain america build and just got one of Fettster's amazing cowls,
unfortunatly it doesn't fit my big head and though It's a great centerpiece for a display I have to sell it to replace it with something that will fit me.
I'm hoping to get back what I paid for it $250.00
I also have the resin wings which I'll include.[img]Photobucket[/img]
Posted:  25 Mar 2011 22:20 pic...
Posted:  25 Mar 2011 23:14
Wow, this is what Cap's mask should be when he pops up in the modern era (With wings and neck covering), and that 90s Cap mask had to use fake ears.
Posted:  25 Mar 2011 23:51
Man....if I had the the very least I'd wear it around the house. LOL
Posted:  13 Apr 2011 00:15

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