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Whatever Happened to Captain America's Brother?

 Captain America Had a Brother Who Died at Pearl Harbor? Well that was part of Captain America's origin story in Captain America #215.

Captain America's origin

Writer Roy Thomas noted that we didnít really know about Capís past before he became Captain America, except a few occasional references over the years that suggest that Cap was from New York City before the war. Thomas decided to follow this idea up by saying that Cap literally could not remember his life before he walked in the door as a scrawny teenager. Thomas left the book before Capís origins were revealed. Steve Gerber was writing the book in issue #223 when he began to reveal Capís origins, which conflicted with the ďgrowing up in New YorkĒ origin.

And in #225, Gerber went all out with Capís new originÖ

Seems a little like Bruce Banner's early years.

The rest continued like the normal origin.

An interesting aspect of the story is that it has Rogers not becoming Cap until after Pearl Harbor. Obviously, originally Cap was Cap before the U.S. entered World War II, but by this time, the timing was a bit less clear.

This new origin only lasted only until #247, when Roger Stern and John Byrne addressed the revelations in #223 and #225Ö

And thatís been Capís origin ever since!

I found this story at comicbookresources and thought about simply posting it on our board, but decided this was an interesting enough and important enough aspect of Cap's origin we needed it in our main articles section.

Post your thoughts on the story on the message board